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New Song Music

The Quest for music the way you like it, or should I say I like it has often been an uneventful, and often times disappointing task. As I am sure a lot of you reading this right now would agree. Please allow me to define “music the way you like it”. This applies to music […]

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How to Become a Country Music Singer

With the ever growing popularity of Country Music and their inevitable subgenres spanning out across the globe, the desire to break into the music business as a Country Music singer has become a popular ambition. But breaking into the music business is hard in any genre, so how do you ensure your success? Talent: Talent […]

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Hip Hop Music Songs

Hip hop music songs are all over the internet, giving rap fans the ability to dig deeper than ever into this expanding genre. Here’s how you can download free hip hop music songs and videos from new and old school artists who’ve topped the charts. The first place I recommend is Jamendo. On their site, […]

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