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Refusing Medical Treatment

Can a rational person possibly refuse treatment? Until very recently, it was assumed that there was something wrong with people who refused medical treatment.* It was believed that some irrational fear, incorrect judgment, or suicidal tendency was interfering with the patient’s reaching the conclusion that treatment was the only viable option. Only now has the […]

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Medical Treatments for Hypertension

When reading through these notes, be aware that it is very common for doctors to prescribe a combination of these drugs rather than just one, because in this way, they can keep the dosage of each drug relatively light instead of prescribing a large dose of just one treatment. Research and empirical evidence has suggested […]

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Role of Medical Treatment in a Car Accident Claim

The role of medical treatment in a car accident claim is best illuminated by way of example. A potential client scheduled a consultation in our law office. “John” had been in a car accident six months prior in which the other driver was at-fault. John was seeking compensation for his bodily injuries and felt that […]

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